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Corporate Video Production Portfolio

By WoodsNobleMedia

On 22, Feb 2013 | In | By WoodsNobleMedia

Website video for Scottish Women in Business

Scottish Women in  Business  wanted a video for the homepage of their new website, with the aim of extending the appeal of the organisation. Website videos are becoming more and more important. A video on your homepage gives people a window into your business or organisation, giving them a useful insight before they contact you. It also helps the searchability of your website on Google.

It was shot around a networking event held at WEST Brewery, Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow. It includes interview clips with members explaining why they joined SWIB and Petra Wetzel,  (WEST owner) the guest speaker that evening.  The clips were edited along with shots of the event over music. The natural sound from the event, people talking etc. was retained in the video edit,  to give a real sense of the buzz of the evening. All the filming was achieved without getting in the way of the event and the networking, something we feel is very important. The video is hosted on YouTube

Recently Ali was at a SWIB event and was speaking to someone attending for the first time. She said that the video had made her think that it was the sort of event she wanted to go to and, having come, said that it was what she thought it would be like from watching the video. You can’t have a better compliment for a website video than that!